Corporate Responsibility

Environment Responsibility

ASSAB, as a leading distributor of special steel and provider of processing services, is committed to the highest environmental standards. We strive to run our operations such that we minimise environmental affliction and provide a safe environment for our employees.

In line with that, our products are manufactured to the highest quality, providing a long service life and made from recycled raw material to keep pollution in close check.

Compliance to international standards is a matter-of-course for us and we monitor that these demands are withheld. By preventive actions and ongoing improvements, we will continue to preserve the quality of our products, as well as the environment we live and work in.

Our primary concern is environmental emissions and management of our production waste, as well as energy consumption. We aim to minimise environmental impact by working with improvement objectives within these areas.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Managers and staff on all levels of the ASSAB organisation are encouraged to integrate social values throughout all business decision-making processes, to achieve positive and sustainable outcomes for all stakeholders in ASSAB.

A key concept in ASSAB’s corporate social responsibility is the CSR bottomline towards the 3Ps of Profit (Economic), People (Community) and Planet (Environment).

ASSAB’s CSR is mainly expressed in practices related to:

  • Recycling waste and conservation, in the processing of steel, as well as in the office where energy-efficient appliances are used.
  • Providing an environment, with work improvements, health and safety awareness.
  • Offering educational and skills upgrading to employees.
  • Enhancing fair employment practices in the workplace. ASSAB supports dialogue and consultation with employees as valued stakeholders, to encourage shared value creation, innovation and social partnership in the workplace.
  • ASSAB takes a proactive approach on non-discriminatory practices related to race, gender, language, religion or non-relevant disabilities. It is also ASSAB’s policy not to hire from within families of managerial staff in the same ASSAB company. Nepotism and favouritism are discriminatory practices against ASSAB’s policies of meritocracy and equal opportunities for all.
  • ASSAB takes a positive, generous and long-term view to supporting university programmes, related to the manufacturing industry, organisations doing material research, relief organisations and the community at large where ASSAB operates.