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ASSAB was formed in 1945 to market high quality tool steel from Sweden, renowned for its quality standards. Headquartered in Singapore, ASSAB operates close to 50 ASSAB sales offices in Asia Pacific supplying the high quality steel available in the market. Coupled with its top-notched metallurgical tooling services and technical know-how, ASSAB is both the pioneer and the leader in tool steel solutions in Asia.

ASSAB anchors the distribution network for Uddeholm – the world’s leading tool steel manufacturer with more than 350 years of experience in the tool steel industry. The two companies together service leading multinational companies (MNCs) across practically all key industrial sectors in more than 90 countries.

ASSAB provides one-stop integrated tooling solutions that are aligned with industry requirements to exacting precision. Its product portfolio includes a full range of tool steel, steel for components and other quality steel products. They are designed for industries as diverse as automotive, electronics, home appliances, packaging, construction, offshore and recycling.

More than that, ASSAB offers state-of-the-art value-added services to meet increasing demands for high performance tools. The longer lifespan of our products also brings about cost benefits for a better total economy, a distinctive competitive edge possible only with ASSAB. This holistic approach makes us your choice partner in the supply of optimum tooling solutions.

As notable is ASSAB’s unrelenting focus on research and development to help customers remain in the forefront by developing, manufacturing and distributing products with cutting-edge properties.

Wherever you are in the supply chain – whether a tool maker, tool user, or an end user – steel yourself for your next tool component challenge. Choose ASSAB as your preferred partner.


ASSAB and the logo are registered trademarks.

We appreciate your interest in our products and services. Please note that this is our official website.

To ensure that you are buying our genuine products, please contact our sales companies listed in this website. We will take all necessary legal actions to protect our intellectual property rights and other legal rights. Some of our success stories are as follows:

(1) Liang X Zhong: The defendant was found guilty of counterfeiting registered trademarks. He was sentenced to imprisonment and fined. Please click here for a copy of the court order.

(2) Dongguan Zhongte Metal Materials Co., Ltd: the company was found guilty of counterfeiting registered trademarks and fined; the company’s legal representative (being the person who is directly responsible for the company) was sentenced to imprisonment and fined. Please click here for a copy of the court order.

(3) ASSAB Tooling Technology Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Branch: the company was found guilty of trademark infringement and unfair competition. It was fined and ordered to change its company name. Please click here for a copy of the Administrative Punishment Results.

(4) Feng County Yishengbai Mould Technology Co., Ltd: The company has to change its company name, shut down the website and pay RMB 100,000 to the government. Please click here for a copy of the Administrative Penalty Decision. 

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